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Topi makes lead retrieval a no brainer for your event

No app. Fixed costs. Just works.

Lead Retrieval for everyone

Topi reinvents the way sponsors and exhibitors capture leads at conferences and trade shows. By lowering costs and removing the need for proprietary applications and devices, Topi brings Lead Retrieval to events of any size.

Getting Started

Enable Lead Retrieval in your dashboard, and purchase as many licenses as you need for your exhibitors.
Print badges for your attendees as usual, nothing to change. We’ll use your QR code to generate leads later.
Invite your exhibitors to set up their own staff members. All you need is an email address.
Using their own phones, exhibitors can scan attendees’ badges to capture leads, which can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.
What is Lead Retrieval and do I need it? Do we need to install yet another app?
Lead retrieval enables your sponsors and exhibitors to easily capture leads digitally without business card. They can simply scan codes from attendees’ badges and voilà! No! That’s the beauty of Topi Lead Retrieval. Nothing to install, your exhibitors’ staff can even use their own mobile devices.
What if network connectivity is limited? Is the cost structure complicated?
Every lead scanned by exhibitors is stored locally on their mobile device. As soon as a connection is established, we will sync up everything with their Exhibitor Portal. Can’t be simpler. $100 per exhibitor. There it is. How much you charge exhibitors for Lead Retrieval is your business, not ours. Easy enough?

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