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We’re relaunching our blog!

If you’re like us, you don’t have enough hours in a day. As a result, we’re careful with our time. We decided our earlier blog was not interesting enough for busy event planners.

We’re not saying it was bad. It just didn’t have information that we sometimes wanted to read again or link to. That’s an issue with most blogs if you think about it: companies post new features, new partnerships, key hires, etc. Sometimes blogs only paraphrase original articles. Fair enough. But this is not digital content people bookmark to refer to in the future. All that can be tweeted or added to a newsletter.

Our (ambitious) goal with Inside Topi is to create content that makes you more knowledgeable. We mostly focus on technology and how it affects networking, serendipity, and events.

With this goal in mind, posts will inevitably be scarce — but thorough. You won’t read them in two minutes while listening to a podcast at the same time. But each post you read will have tons of information, no tidbits, and you will leave more tech-savvy.

We also realize this blog is not for everyone. That’s ok, we’re still friends. We’d rather you don’t read it than finish a post and think “what a waste of time.”

But for those who enjoy event tech, Inside Topi will be a lot of fun. We’re starting this series with a Complete Guide to Beacons. We already have a few topics in the pipeline, but if there’s something you can’t wait to have us cover, let us know in the comments below!